Pleasure Craft / Oil on Plastic Sheeting
Mike Cronin Project 210 Pasadena

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Project 210 Pasadena

03.11.10 to 04.03.10
MIKE CRONIN: Pleasure Craft

Pleasure Craft takes its name from racing yachts, this exhibition presents impeccably rendered paintings of magnificent boats. Painted on sheets of plastic, these works are far removed from the traditional maritime paintings you may know. Cronin sees the yachts as signifiers of value, both economic and social. By introducing these images, he invites questions about our society and the ever-changing dynamics of wealth, status and identity. How we interpret these images say quite a bit about who we are. To add further complexity, Cronin paints the images on plastic sheets because doing so raises questions of value in art. Can paintings on plastic be as valuable as those on fine Belgian linen? Is plastic a sign of cheapness or innovation? Again, this depends on who you are. Cronin also makes connections between the act of sailing and the act of painting. One parallel is that both are simultaneously work and pleasure. Another is that both demand a high level of accuracy and skill despite the challenging situations of a stormy sea or a persnickety plastic surface. Lastly, in both cases, experience is paramount.

Mike Cronin’s work has been included in exhibitions at Carl Berg Projects, Arena 1 and High Energy Constructs. He received an MFA from Claremont Graduate University and a BA from Pitzer College, Claremont. Mike Cronin is currently based in Orange County.